We Pride Ourselves In The Details

Bringing horror and drama to a new level…

Project Status.

‘We Pride Ourselves In The Details’ is currently in script formatting. For a copy of the treatment, email .

Advances in cosmetic surgery have lead to exciting new possibilities for Buck Mulligan. His expensive, discreet and confidential new service attracts the shadiest characters with the shadiest stories, from the customers to the ominous new investor.

We Pride Ourselves

A controversial new business is emerging in the top-secret lab of Buck Mulligan. His new service provides people with the means to escape the mundane trappings of their everyday life. Armed with disturbing surgery and a trail of bodies, Buck has developed the perfect way for people to fake their deaths and enjoy the liberation of a whole new life. Throughout the series, we follow the shenanigans of the mysterious clientele appearing at the clinic door, who want nothing more than to disappear. 

Excerpt from the treatment

Buck: The top layer of skin, the epidermis, is now being removed. Besides removing the dead skin, it also removes wrinkles, liver spots, warts and freckles. Karen will look at least 20 years younger.

The buyer is impressed and nods.

Buck: Sometimes we may do some additional cosmetic surgery, but Karen is in good shape.

Buyer: My wife needs this

Buck: Don’t they all.

Buck has finished skinning the top off Karen and with help from Vicki, turns her over. There is a slight moan, but nothing traumatic in tone. When Karen has been completely skinned, she is turn back to her Vitruvian state.

From the control panel on the wall Buck lowers a sprinkler system to around 3 feet above Karen relaxed slab of meat. The system is turned on and her raw flesh is sprayed in a white solution.

He turns to the black smoked window to explain the process to the buyer.

Buck: Now we coat her with a solution made with skin stem cells from a Caucasian teenager.

Karen looks like she has been painted with milk. The sprinkler system rises and once more the lamp array descends. Buck points at Karen’s inert body.

Buck: This solution is baked in so that it fuses with the dermis and subcutaneous layer, thereby regenerating as younger skin.

Buyer: Fuck the wife, I want this!

Buck: Well if you purchase this enterprise that can be arranged.

Buyer: ‘How long does this procedure keep you younger?’

Buck: ‘We estimate that is should last at least 10 years. But I must remind you, this isn’t a cosmetic surgery clinic. This is a place to create a new identity and a new life. Something so much more beneficial than nice skin.

Buyer: How so?