We now take cryptocurrencies to invest into our projects – Click HERE for Wallets

H12 Media is a fresh, new, Independent Media Production Company; our Film/TV projects are inspired by the darker realms of media, like the iconic ‘Black Mirror‘. We have acquired a number of scripts that we identify as being particularly dark, twisted and entertaining and are currently in the process of putting the team and finances together to bring these thrilling adventures into fruition! 

We have recently branched out into publishing books, so now have a couple of our TV/Film prjects available for puircstarted publishing our screenplays; they are available for purchase on our website, here. We also have ‘H12 Music’ in the pipeline, so watch this space…

Besides accepting anonymous cryptocurrency donations for our Film/TV projects, we are offering investment opportunities for the current major feature film project ‘Chocolate Potato’, including share options, associate producer slots and packages to be involved in the film-making and post-production. For any firther information, get in touch using the information on the ‘Contact Us‘ page!