Award winning ‘Visionary’ Sci-fi series that may be reality in 30 years…

Project Status.

We are currently looking for a Production Company to co-produce this Series. To take a look at the ‘Frames’ Digital Series Playbook, email . We have also published the script for the Pilot episode, which can be purchased here.

Welcome to the world of FRAMES technology, the brainchild of creative genius Ethan Eberhart, who invented the concept of a FRAME so that the world’s great minds, like his own, are no longer lost with death.

Wealthy AI developer, Marcus Grealish, is tragically killed in a car crash, but miraculously returns home to his wife, Helen, 3 months later. He no longer looks , sounds, nor smells like Marcus. It’s as if he’s inhabiting a cosmetically modeled robot, and in a way … he is. Whereas a robot runs on AI, Marcus now runs on his HI (Human Intelligence – his own intelligence, memories and mind) but all as a FRAME.

Marcus is the first ‘person’ to walk into society as a FRAME – a life-size fully functional human prosthetic that does not require air, food or water, operated entirely from his brain, which is being kept alive in a classified hi-tech bunker, known as ‘The Facility’.

Script Excerpt

Frames excerpt