Chocolate Potato

A raunchy, modern, dark, British farce. 

A tale of intrigue, betrayal, murder, complicity, romance and (surprisingly),  comedy. A tale of a mad wife taking revenge on her husband, a mad husband seeking revenge on the hacker that ruined his life and a cheating best friend on the lam that has a habit of flirting with the neighbours, all while serving as the comedic relief! 


The farce that is ‘Chocolate Potato’ tells about a young couple trying to conceive a child. One day Sally borrows her husbands laptop and while using the email system, notices a suspicious email.

The email comes from a woman claiming to have had sex with him and offering to do so a second time. Enraged, she breaks everything in sight and ends the relationship on the spot. Unbeknownst to her, this email was sent, not by a female lover, but by a hacker; the email was just a piece of unfortunate spam that ended up being read by the worst possible person at the worst possible time.

Script Excerpt.

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