Chocolate Potato

A raunchy, modern, dark, British farce. 

Project Status.

We are in the Pre-Production stage for ‘Chocolate Potato’ and are currently conducting the casting process. Our Chocolate Potato Costwolds Tour 2021 will now be starting in August due to the latest COVID restriction update – click the button above for more info on the Tour! There is a published version of the script that can be purchased via our website, here. For more information, email

Lead Actor - Rory Nolan

Director of Photography - Markus Ljungberg

Director - Dagmar Scheibenreif

The Story

A tale of intrigue, betrayal, murder, complicity, romance and (surprisingly),  comedy. A tale of a mad wife taking revenge on her husband, a scorned husband seeking revenge on the hacker that ruined his life and a cheating best friend on the lam that has a habit of flirting with the neighbours, all while serving as the comedic relief! 

Chocolate Potato Cover

The farce that is ‘Chocolate Potato’ tells about a young couple trying to conceive a child. One day Sally borrows her husbands laptop and while using the email system, notices a suspicious email.

The email comes from a woman claiming to have had sex with him and offering to do so a second time. Enraged, she breaks everything in sight and ends the relationship on the spot. Unbeknownst to her, this email was sent, not by a female lover, but by a hacker; the email was just a piece of unfortunate spam that ended up being read by the worst possible person at the worst possible time.

Script Excerpt.

Chocolate Potato